General Terms and Conditions for Companies and their Users with respect to the use of the website

These Terms and Conditions are effective from 8 September 2014

1. Definitions

INVAJO The company, Invajo International AB
The Website
Company Legal entity with an account on the Website
Corporate account Company who uses the Website
User Person who is logged on and using the services on the Website
Ticket Purchased or free registration of Participant for an event
Participant Person participating in an event
Paid event Event requiring payment for participation

2. General information

INVAJO International AB ("INVAJO"), Corporate Identity Number 556737-5489, owns, operates and develops the website (the "Website") and provides, through the Website, the facilities for companies (the "Company") and their users ("Users") to use the Website to manage Events and Participants. Facilities available to Users include, but are not limited to, the creation of booking sites, sending of invitations, management of reminders, collection of attendee information, management of Paid events, etc. These General Terms and Conditions govern the relationship between INVAJO and the Company, as well as its Users.

a) Forms of distribution

The Terms and Conditions are also applicable to any TLDs (Top Level Domains), such as .com, .net, .se, any other domains, subdomains and all forms of distribution (e.g. computer, mobile telephone, tablet) through which the User accesses the Website. This also applies to software derived from the Website but which, for technical reasons, been adapted and modified for other forms of distribution.

3. Users and different types of users

In order to use the Website to create and manage events, the User is required to have a Corporate account on the Website. The account is considered to have been created when the User has approved the general terms and conditions.

A Company which elects to become an invoice customer, meaning, among other things, the possibility of invoicing for products purchased through the Website of INVAJO, have the opportunity to make use of what are known as Account administrators. An account administrator can, for example, manage and administer the Company's contact and billing information, add and remove Users, as well as selecting the Company's graphic profile and related image bank.

Users who represent a Company, directly or indirectly, are fully responsible for matters in regard to their right to represent the Company in question.

4) Users’ use of the Website

Users can use the Website to create Events, booking pages, invitations and manage Participants.

Users are responsible for all image and text material which Users choose to use on their invitation. INVAJO is responsible for all images provided by INVAJO. Users are responsible for ensuring that the information presented is not inaccurate, misleading or offensive, and cannot otherwise be perceived as injurious. Users and Users’ invitations may not infringe on any third party’s rights or use the site to engage in anything that is, or may be perceived as, criminal. INVAJO may suspend Users and remove Users' Events without prior notice.

Users themselves choose whether an Event is to be free or a Paid event. For a Paid event, the User determines the price and number of available tickets/places. Payment for tickets takes place via secure credit card payment services provided by a third party. Payment is made to the payment service supplier, which then makes a payment to INVAJO, after which INVAJO pays out the funds to the Company five (5) business days after the completion of the Event. In the event that INVAJO has not received payment in full from the payment service supplier, INVAJO reserves the right to await full payment before paying out funds to the User.

For payments from INVAJO to the Company relating to payments made by Participants, the payment details registered for the Corporate account relating to the Company and its bank must be entered correctly and in full.

Users themselves choose whether an Event is to be private or public. For private Events, invitations must be sent via the Website’s invitation function, as this ensures that invitations are not sent to unauthorised recipients, provided that Users utilise the function as intended. INVAJO can never be held liable for any circumstance whereby a Participant at an Event in any way discloses information, content, or otherwise disseminates knowledge of the User’s Event.

Should INVAJO suspect that a User is unserious, has a frivolous intent with their Event, has a reduced ability to pay, or if the event in any other way may be considered to risk funds paid by Participants, INVAJO reserves the right to withhold payments to such Users and, instead, refund it to the Participants. Any costs incurred by INVAJO in following this course of action are to be covered by the User.

Users are obliged to inform their Participants via the Website if an Event must be cancelled, and immediately notify this to INVAJO if it is a Paid event. If the Organiser has, for any reason, received the funds in advance for an Event which must be cancelled, these funds shall be refunded place immediately from the User to the Participants. Refunds shall be made to the Participants within five (5) business days of the cancellation of the Event. The User shall always strive to ensure that Participants’ paid funds are refunded as quickly as possible. In the event that the User has applied their own terms and conditions for the Event in question, thereby applying their own regulations regarding refunds, this constitutes a relationship between the User and the Participant, whereupon the application and responsibility for the handling of payments is incumbent on the User. If funds paid by Participants for an Event which is later cancelled have not yet been paid out to the User, INVAJO is responsible for refunding the payments to the Participants. The Company is obliged to compensate INVAJO for all costs incurred in connection with a cancelled event, refunds, etc. For refunds, INVAJO levies an administration fee of SEK 150/Event.

For Paid events, INVAJO levies a service fee of 2.49%. The service fee is paid by the party making the payment, unless the Organiser has chosen to bear these costs. Transaction fees of 1.99% are also payable. Card charges and transaction fees are paid by the party making the payment, unless the User has chosen to bear these costs. For invoice payments, the applicable invoice fee is also payable.

Users bear the full liability for ensuring the correct application of rules and regulations in respect of VAT, accounting and tax for the Event in question. If a User suspects that stolen credit card information is used to make a payment for the User’s Event, the User shall immediately notify INVAJO and, after consultation with INVAJO, take any appropriate legal action.

Users have the ability to send messages to invited Participants via the Website. The User is responsible for the content and scope of these messages. The User commits to refrain from using these messages for any matter other than those relating to the Event in question. Users are aware that INVAJO reserves the right to block Users and remove Users' Events in connection with any abuse of the messaging function. Each User is responsible for providing accurate User information.

a) Purchase of extra functionality

A User is able to purchase extra functionality for their Event. Such purchases can be made through apps. Unless the user is linked to a Corporate account with invoicing in arrears, payment is transferred directly using a secure credit card payment service at the time of purchase. The price is stated prior to the purchase and in connection with the product in question. Following the completion of the purchase, the extra functionality is made available to the Event in question.

5. Privacy Policy

As Company and User you are required to disclose certain information. You authorise INVAJO to store and use this information to fulfil its commitment to you as a User with regard to information and support regarding the Website and its products. Companies and Users are responsible for ensuring that information about Participants is processed in a manner that is in compliance with applicable laws. Personal data may be disclosed to other companies with which Invajo International AB cooperates and as required to ensure the delivery of the Website’s functions and content. All personal data is processed with the utmost confidentiality and discretion.

Under the Personal Data Act, you retain the right to access all of your personal information as held by us. You may, at any point in time, notify INVAJO in writing if you would like to review your personal information as held by us. If you believe that any aspect of this information is incorrect, incomplete or irrelevant, you have the right to ensure that the information is changed.

For inquiries regarding personal data, please contact Invajo International AB, Grev Turegatan 30, 114 38 Stockholm, Sweden.

All payment transactions are sent via SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and are encrypted, ensuring a very high level of security.

6. Maintenance of the Website

INVAJO reserves the right to implement maintenance activities relating to the service, which may affect the availability of the Website. Availability may also be affected by factors outside of INVAJO’s control. Users may not claim any form of compensation/restitution in the event that the availability of the Website is restricted at any given time. This continues to apply should a User consider themselves to have suffered economic damage as a result of the Website's availability being, in any form, limited, incomplete or flawed.

7. Misuse of the Website

Users may not, either independently or by influencing others, misuse the Website. Misuse refers to all activities and/or actions which are in breach of laws or regulations, or which infringe on the purpose and function of the Website. Examples of misuse include, but are not limited to, corruption, duplication, dissemination of viruses, intrusion, overload, spam, harassment, libel, illegal access, automatic script.

8. Period of validity and termination

These general conditions apply until further notice or until the User ceases to be a User of the Website. INVAJO reserves the right to revise these terms and conditions at any point in time and will, in the event of any such revision, communicate information regarding the revisions to the User via email and through information provided on the Website 14 days before the revised terms and conditions become effective. For Users of Subscription accounts, the revised general terms and conditions enter into force only in conjunction with the extension of the Subscription account for an additional contract period, whereupon the revised terms and conditions are considered to have been approved.

9. Contact INVAJO

Current contact information for INVAJO is presented on the Website. You can always reach INVAJO via