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For the softest events and a great experience for your guests. Manage all invitations, bookings and participants in the mobile.

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Create your Get Together with Invajo.

Use Invajo as the platform for all the bookings you want. Digital, hybrid or live events do not matter. Here you will find what you need for Invites, communication, run bookings, manage participants and deliver your streaming events in one place. You can build great booking pages for your guests, create priced tickets and use more booking options. Test us!

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Create bookings for?

  • Party invitations
  • Sell tickets to events
  • Book a fika with friends
  • Book a beer with friends
  • Invitations to dinner parties
  • Do you have a birthday coming up?

Features at Invajo

  • Personal account for all your events and bookings
  • A solution for both digital and live events
  • Create great booking pages for both public and private events
  • Design with your pictures and colors
  • Create priced tickets
  • Create many booking options, run bookings with questions
  • Invite, share on social media and remind your guests
  • Design your special confirmation page

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Try Invajo, a booking system for fun events

Create your video greeting, design with beautiful pictures and watch all the bookings fall in. Manage the event on your mobile, computer or tablet. Invajo is with you all the way.

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