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With our features for managing both online and physical events, you as the administrator get complete control. Invajo is a flexible tool that can be adapted to your needs. Save time, get more bookings and manage events like a pro.

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Stream, chat and share.

  • For all kinds of meetings; webinars, live streaming meetings, seminars, conferences
  • Public and shareable or private and hidden
  • Design and customize your event page
  • Own branding and mobile-friendly pages
  • Subpages with images and video
  • Social links
  • Live streaming with Invajo's own live streaming service, Add Youtube Live, Vimeo Live or Facebook Live
  • Customize access based on booking
  • Schedule publishing by event page
  • All events are saved as templates

Book, charge, activate.

  • Free or pay event
  • Customizable booking options
  • Import guest lists
  • Campaign codes and quantity discounts
  • Limit guests and registration date
  • Group bookings
  • Mandatory or optional questions to participants
  • Ask participants questions after the event
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Invite, check in and follow up.

  • Invite guests
  • See when guests read the invitation
  • Schedule reminders to invitees
  • Notifications to administrator when someone make a booking
  • Manage, filter and customize participant lists
  • Reuse contacts from other events
  • Set up your own image bank
  • Check-in functionality
  • Send and schedule messages via email and SMS to participants/groups before/during/after the event
  • Unlimited number of administrators and custom rights for events and account levels