About us

Invajo provides a simple and flexible tool for managing events and attendees. The target group is any company, regardless of size or industry, hosting all kinds of events. Invajo launched on the Swedish market in late May 2013.

Your event tool that gets people together

We believe that managing invitations, bookings and participants online should be something simple. Feel free to have some fun too. After all, events always come with a positive tone. Invajo is a tool for participant management online and which strives for you as an organizer to get - and experience - clear values. We believe that this is achieved by saving and streamlining your time and giving you a way of working and functions that enable you to get more bookings for your event.

This applies regardless of whether you want to sell tickets online, have a simple administration of an education, gather your colleagues for an internal event, get bookings for a seminar or scan your participants at the entrance to the biggest event. Profiled event and booking pages, invitations, ticket sales, bookings, handling of guest lists, communication with participants, follow-up of events, automatic reminders are just a small part of what Invajo helps you with.