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Registration form Subcase 2019

February 11, 2019


Please, fill in the form to apply for a registration at Subcase 11-15 February 2019.

Please observe that Subcase is not an open event. To be allowed to register you need to fulfill some criterias. If these criterias are not fulfilled, your registration will not be accepted. 


• Subcase is an event specifically for programmers, /co-/producers of venues, festivals and performing arts events, agents, funding organizations and journalists.

• Registration is only open to the representatives of organizations that present or support performing arts.

Subcase is not a festival, but a showcase and a market place. The companies that perform at Subcase do it specifically in order to reach organizations capable to support or present their work. Subcase is not open to the public.

There is a limited number of registrations. Maximum 5 people from the same organization can register.

The registration fee is 150 euro (1500 sek) per registered person. Included in this price are tickets to all performances, shuttles between the city and the venues, mingles and parties, and all info materials.



In parallell to Subcase there will be a circus festival called CirkusMania in the Stockholm region. The CirkusMania program is available together with the Subcase program on Please have a look at it before booking your travels to Stockholm, to not miss out on a performance that you would like to see.

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