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October 8 - 13, 2020
10:00 - 00:00


Please, fill in the form to apply for accreditation at CirkusMania 2020.

To receive accreditation you need to fulfill this criteria:
You are a programmer, a /co-/producer of a venue, festival or performing arts event or an agent.

Maximum 2 people from the same organization can be accredited.

The accreditation fee is 40 euro (400 sek) per person. CirkusMania takes place in many venues all over the Stockholm region, with different ticket sales systems. Being accredited means you will have the service of accessing all tickets through one system only, reduced fees/free tickets, booking of shuttles and personal assistance if needed. 

There is a limited amount of free/reduced price tickets to each performance. The earlier you accredit, the bigger chance to attain the available cheaper/free tickets and thereby keep your global cost down. When they run out you can still have our pro service assistance booking your tickets, but to a higher price. 

A price example could be f.i. 
Accreditation 40 EUR
6 shuttles * 5 EUR = 30 EUR
5 free tickets = 0 EUR
2 reduced price tickets * f.ex. 8 EUR = 16 EUR
2 regular price tickets * f.ex. 20 EUR = 40 EUR
Total cost = 126 EUR

Apply for accreditation below. 


Please be aware that some of the shows are fully booked!