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Sonic Dances

Fria Teatern, Lilla Scenen
Bergsgatan 11, Stockholm
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May 15 - 16, 2017
Time zone: Stockholm, GMT+01:00
Marianne Skjeldal
This event has already taken place!
Fria Teatern, Lilla Scenen
May 15 - 16, 2017
Time zone: Stockholm, GMT+01:00

Sonic Dances

Sonic Dances is a staged proposal of an intimate shared situation for listening and emergence of possible worlds.

With a wish to create another form of dancing together, Sonic Dances is an attempt to hold a space for such an intimate, relational meeting between bodies. For touch without touching, dance without dancing.

A listening into what is present.

Through voice, sound and spoken language Sonic Dances researches ways to activate bodies´ own senses,bodies´ own choreographic- and kinaesthetic empathetic potential. -Exploring the mobility of sound, to create a poetic, philosophical experience through the listener´s own present experience, her simultaneity with the heard, from where she struggles between language and listening, producing a philosophical, mobile place,


                                                a dance made of sounds and words



I wish to challenge (dis)comfort, to give comfort.
To sensitize people, by opening my own senses.

By asking How can we be close to each other?, Sonic Dances propose a space where this can be negotiated.


Warmly welcome!

Visitors are asked to sign up for participation through small groups.