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April 21, 2021
Time zone: Stockholm, GMT+01:00


Description of each workshop

How to work with an AI Assessment and benchmark yourself, applied AI UnternehmerTUM 

When you want to make a bigger change, to transform your organization or just execute on your vision, you first need to understand where you are right now. An AI Assessment starts with some questions which create an index within each area and will be used to understand what your current level is in each. This helps you to decide what you need to work with and what your current challenges are. By anonymizing the results, a benchmarking score can be used to compare organizations across industries or countries. 

What will I get out of the workshop?

Hands-on experience with a tried and tested, mature tool used by eight countries in Europe and knowledge on how you can use this in your own organization. You will learn how the assessment process works and how to use the results for building your AI roadmap. By rolling out the survey in multiple distinct groups you can get an understanding of different parts of your business to see if you have an aligned view of the current state.

The Data Bakery – a design thinking approach to your AI projects, Smartr

By gathering the right roles, synchronizing perspectives, and setting mutual goals, both competence, commitment, and focus are increased. How can we get this started?

The Data Bakery is a simple and clear workshop-style game that quickly creates a common frame of reference, understanding of opportunities, needs, and challenges linked to data for the different parts of a company, and a clear recipe for an efficient and applicable data strategy going forward.

What will I get out of the workshop?

The workshop will introduce you to the framework, providing your team with a tool for ensuring that data initiatives are viable (they make or save money), desirable (they meet the needs of users), and feasible (they are technically possible based on what data is available). The Data Bakery enables cross-functional teams to explore the potential of existing and ongoing initiatives without getting bogged down in technical language. Participants will leave the workshop supplied with new tools and fresh perspectives for kickstarting their data-driven organization.

Lean AI Transformation, a process for scaling with AI, AI Sweden

Based on the principles of Lean Startup and Digital transformation methodologies as well as human-centric behavior, this process is adapted and tuned for the specifics of AI Transformation. By starting with maybe just a small first AI project you iterate the process and gain knowledge and level up on the maturity scale. In each iteration, you take new steps to build new capabilities and enablers to go from experimenting with AI to be a fully integrated AI organization.  

What will I get out of the workshop?

Practical knowledge on how to work with the Lean AI Transformation process. Learn each step and get some hands-on training on what tools can be used but more importantly the thinking behind it and how to adapt it to your organization. Each AI journey will look different but can be modeled after the same basic steps. Only through a systematic process will you be able to get sustainable AI value and not get stuck in the dreaded proof-of-concept stage.