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Visual Arena
Visual Arena
October 4, 2019
08:30 - 17:00


András Káldos - Brick Visual


András is a true architectural artist. Having extensive experience as an architect, visualizer, functional supervisor and trainer in technology, he has also recieved recognition in a number of competitions such as the Junior Prima Primissima award of Hungary. He is the CEO of Brick Visual since its establishment, grew the company from scratch to its current more than 60 professionals, while being active as senior 3D artist as well. His interests cover experimental architecture and fractals. He sees education as one of his missions and he wishes to share his extensive experiences with newcomers of the industry.


Chloé Le Reste - freelance


Chloé is an architectural photographer inspired by minimalistic and clean aesthetics. When she was younger she enjoyed taking pictures, mostly nature and landscape. A few years later she discovered an interest for architectural photography during a journey to Copenhagen when she was studying architecture. While her enthusiasm for architectural photography was growing she decided to become a professional photographer, firstly as a side job. She is currently working as a freelance living in Paris. 

Pawel Podwojewski - MOTIV


Pawel is an entrepreneur focused on architecture and visual arts. He is known as art director, teacher and resort designer. Love for computer graphic became his language to communicate with different business fields and helped him to evolve as an artist. In 2009 he founded MOTIV which is now an international practice. Motiv has been recognized as an creative company that can produce immersive visualizations and film productions. In year 2012 he started his adventure with resort development in Asia, specialized in island design in Maldives, where he designed and built the largest all bamboo structures in this region. Pawel still works with hand drawings and computer graphics to showcase his ideas and build emotions. 

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