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AMR surveillance research and its impact on policymaking

Workshop Video: AMR Surveillance Research and its Impact on Policymaking

Thank you for participating in the workshop hosted by JPIAMR and EU-JAMRAI on February 23rd!

We appreciate your level of engagement and questions during the workshop.  

Thank you again to moderators and panelists for sharing your insights and knowledge! 

We also like to provide you with a few takes from the panels:

"The #COVID19 experience should not get lost. Sustainability plans must be developed
to ensure that the new COVID-19 coordinated networks can be re-used for #AMR
surveillance", said Evelina Tacconelli @EveTacconelli from ARCH-Network.

"Wastewater surveillance can be used to gain insight in the prevalence of rare
antibiotic resistant bacteria in the population and their geographical situation", said
Hetty Blaak, from @rivm.

"Resistance genes are transmitted between bacteria and reservoirs. To understand
AMR we need to do surveillance of genes and not only of the pathogenic bacteria”
said Frank Møller Aarestrup from @EuropeVeo / @CompareEurope

A sustained high-level committment and funding support are some key challenges for
the Global Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance System (GLASS) expansion and
evolution, according to Saskia Nahrgang @snahrgang (@WHO_Europe)


We are very pleased to share the recorded video of the workshop with you below and via this link:

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Best wishes