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Warp Meetup - 60 minutes of fact-based optimism

HQ Raleigh
310 S Harrington St, Raleigh
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March 18, 2019
17:30 - 18:30
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Warp Institute
HQ Raleigh
March 18, 2019
17:30 - 18:30

Optimism is coming to North Carolina. One hour about the power of fact based optimism, space exploration and hard work

Welcome to one hour where we only focus on the opportunities and leave the problems at the door. Since the opportunities are so many, this will be a full packed hour.

The meetup is hosted by the Warp Institute, a Swedish foundation that is now doing its first event in the U.S.

Warp is building the world's largest community of optimists to make the future come sooner, and is also running Warp Space Program, crowdfunding the first private mission to an asteroid.

The Warp Institute was co-founded by Mathias Sundin, a former Member of the Swedish Parliament, TEDx speaker, former Deputy Mayor and the first political candidate in the world to only accept campaign donations in bitcoin.

Richard Maltsbarger is the keynote speaker. He is CEO of billion-dollar Pet Retail Brands and the former COO, President International and Chief Development Officer of Lowe's.


5 pm doors open.

5.30 pm Mathias Sundin about Warp Institute.

5.35 pm Positive news from around the world.

5.45 pm Keynote speech by Richard Maltsbarger, former COO of Lowe's on the power of human optimism and hard work.

6.05 pm Presentation of the world's first private mission to an asteroid, a crowdfunded effort by Warp Space Program.

6.20 pm Closing words by Faruk Okcetin, Eric Porper and Rich Spuller from Cryptolina and BEE, local partner to Warp Institute.

6.30 pm Drinks and mingle.

Richard Maltsbarger will be our keynote speaker. He is the CEO of Pet Retail Brands, with a background at Lowe's, IBM, Monsanto, Farmland Industries and the University of Missouri.

He will talk about the power of human optimism, hard work, and wonder. It will be a take on how people in industry can both work to provide for our families and create profitable businesses while also helping to bring a sense of optimism to our work and the world. 

Tapping into a trove of prior leaders from the commerce and business realms who have helped propel humankind’s evolution even while conducting for-profit business. Examples will include Walt Disney, the Wright Brothers, Sam Walton, Thomas Edison, Conrad Hilton, George Washington Carver, the Jacobs Brothers and more.

Warp Space Program is a global community where space enthusiasts together find and fund space missions. The current project is Beyond Atlas, the first private mission to an asteroid. 

Cryptolina is the premier blockchain event in the Carolinas. Blockchain Experiences for Everyone, BEE, is building global communities of all those that are interested in blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and their impact.


HQ Raleigh, 310 S Harrington St.

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Warp Meetup
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