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Celsius Talk: Waste Heat from Hospitals
June 17, 2021
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Celsius Initiative & ReUseHeat
June 17, 2021

Celsius Talk: Waste Heat from Hospitals

This month’s Celsius Talk will be hosted in collaboration with the ReUseHeat project. It will highlight the first results and replicability potential of the project’s demo site in Madrid where they recover waste heat from a hospital.

Tertiary buildings in urban areas such as offices, schools, supermarkets, logistics centres or hospitals are a significant source of heat which could be recovered. All of them require some kind of cooling or air conditioning, e.g. the fridges and storage rooms of supermarkets, surgery rooms in hospitals or fridges and walk-in coolers in restaurants. During cooling, excess heat is produced that can be reused for heating purposes. These types of tertiary buildings are usually present in close vicinity to residential buildings or other tertiary buildings where heating is needed.

The development of this advanced system for the recovery and reuse of waste heat from the cooling of a public university hospital in Madrid opens new opportunities in additional hospitals and other tertiary buildings across the EU. There are approximately 7,154 hospitals in Europe which have considerable cooling needs. A conservative evaluation of the potential waste heat recovery from tertiary buildings indicates that up to 10 TWh year of heat could be supplied from this low-carbon source.

Join the discussion about the demo site’s results and its replicability with:

The webinar will be moderated by Kristina Lygnerud, Energy Department Manager at IVL, The Swedish Environment Research Institute


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